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Rogue Trader use the FOREX Market as his Personal ATM Machine With World Class Trading Indicator!

OPTIMIZED for Maximum Profits, the FXSmooth® Indicator Generates Money on ANY PAIR!

From: Terry Brooks

Dear Trader,


Imagine receiving early calls before any major trend in the FOREX market..
Imagine getting accurate, high-gain signals in any pair and any timeframe..
Imagine knowing what the market will do in the next hour or day..

Now imagining - the FXSmooth Indicator is here!


We are very excited to release the FXSmooth Indicator: the most amazing trading indicator available today!

Based on complex mathematical formulas, the FXSmooth Indicator is able to:

Pin-point the exact beginnings of new trends

Identify the big moves of the market before the competitors

Automatically calculate stop loss

Use tight stop loss so your at minimal risk

And more!


"The most accurate indicator I traded.."

"I bought and tested about 10 indicators so far, from trend following to reversal 'catchers' and was continously dissapointed with the low quality products.

FXSmooth Indicator came as a warm surprise. It identifies trends accurately and so far I am very satisfied. It is undoubtedly the most accurate indicator I traded."

– Clarence Bryant,
Hemet, CA, USA

"Incredible software!"

"I am trading for 10 years using my own strategies, and I found FXSmooth to be very helpful in confirming my trading signals. My hit rate improved significantly thanks to it."

– Jeff Okam,

Read more about incredible abilities of this indicator:


Accurate and Profitable Signals

FXSmooth gives you trades at maximum accuracy and profitability. Our trading algorithms have been proven to generate solid trading signals and generate up to +300 pips per day!

No more lame indicators that show you the past, the FXSmooth Indicator gives you powerful signals into the future!

Our complex trading algorithm uses changes in volatility and volume to identify early changes in trend and generate incredible signals.. like this one:


Hard Cold Profit Proof!

One of our testers used the FXSmooth Indicator to win 17,604$ of trading profits in just 2 weeks of trading!

Here is his trading statement:


And here's another trading statement from a friend of ours Jason, trading on the EURJPY. Jason made $14,372 in just 1 month trading only with the FXSmooth!

Do you want your account to look like this? Claim your copy now!


Take 100% Control of your Trading

When you use a trading robot you risk your money on a software you know nothing about. Beside promises, exaggerated claims and backtesting results (which mean nothing) you have nothing to relay on.

Instead of risking your money on another trading robot and lost control over your money, use the FXSmooth Indicator and always be in complete control over your money and trading performance. Take control over your money and start making profits yourself!

It is known for fact that 95% of robots LOSE MONEY. Why risking your money on such risky instruments when you can know for sure that what you trade is profitable and generates excellent signals on daily basis?


OPTIMIZED for maximum profit on ANY Pair!

We have optimized FXSmooth to generate maximum profits on ANY currency pair, so it doesn't matter if you trade the EUR\USD, USD\JPG or even Gold - the FXSmooth has the best settings built-in.

We will also supply you with backtesting statements so you see just how profitable the FXSmooth is, and witness its incredible signals!


Tight stop loss = Low risk

Forget about big stop loss and big losses - the FXSmooth Indicator gives you automatic and tight stop loss for each trade so your risk is very low! The days of 50-100 pips stop loss are over.. with the FXSmooth you will always risk just a tiny bit and harvest huge gains!

Take a look:

Stop Loss is also automatically calculated for each trade so you don't need to do any manual calculations and adjustments. FXSmooth Indicator takes into account price-action and volatility, to ensure that you have the optimal stop loss possible.


VERY EASY to Follow and Trade

The FXSmooth Indicator is extremely easy to follow. No complex lines and tons of arrows - the Smooth gives you simple signals: Green tells you to go Long, Red tells you to go Short. You also receive automatic alerts when a signal occurs so you don't even need to be at the computer!

You don't need to be a trading 'professor' to trade our signals as we made them as simple as possible.

See for yourself:

How easy is that?!

The installation of the indicator is also very simple - you could be up and making profits in 5 minutes!


Full Trading Manual

We give you all the tools to make the most of the FXSmooth Indicator: A full guide to using the indicator with the optimal settings to each currency.


Template for MetaTrader 4, 5

You will also receive a template for MetaTrader 4, so you can quickly set the indicator on your favorite charts.


World Class Support

Aren't you tired of all the shady products that come with no support? Had enough of waiting for 3 days for a simple email?

It's not going to happen with us. We have a strong team of 12 support technicians that are available 24-7 to help you in any question or issue you might have. We will help you install the FXSmooth Indicator, set it up for maximum profits, set email alerts, and more. Any question or issue you may have will be answered promptly.


Explosive Profits with Trend Following Indicator

Ever wondered how hedge funds and banks make these HUGE sums of money? They make it following trends!

They don't try to pin-point the exact bottom or top or forecast what the market will do tomorrow.. they just follow the big sums of money - follow the trend!
But.. they enter the market at 'strategic' points, right before the crowd steps in so they extract the full profits from the trend.

With the FXSmooth Indicator you will also!

Check out this trend, and how the FXSmooth Indicator traded it:


Quickly Adapts to Changes in Market

In the market only the flexible survives.

The markets constantly change as new players come in with new agendas and trading styles.. the markets change in volatility and volume, and if you can't adapt to these changes you will lose!

The FXSmooth Indicator includes the special V.A.F (Volatility Adaptive Formula) feature that automatically adapts to these changes in the market, and reacts quickly so you always trade with the most profitable tools in hand.


Forget about Lagging, Useless Indicators

Lagging indicators show you what HAPPENED, not what WILL HAPPEN. 99% of all indicators are lagging and give you signals late, after the move was already finished. Entries with lagging indicators are not only much more risky - they are not profitable!

The FXSmooth Indicators gives you ONLY LEADING SIGNALS - so you enter the market hours before the move starts, and have superb trades!


5 Built-In Entry Filters

Our development team have installed 5 different entry filters to make sure you trade only the most reliable and powerful trading signals. Instead of taking 10 trades and losing 7, we filter our entries so you receive only 6 precise signals.

These filters include:

-> Volatility Filters
-> Range Filters
-> Price-Action Filters
-> And More!


Ideal for FOREX Scalping

The FXSmooth Indicator is a great indicator for scalping. Even if you trade on the 1-minute chart you will receive accurate and precise trading signals!

Don't hesitate - now it's action time:
Start profiting with FXSmooth Indicator now!



This is strictly a one-time purchase. No monthly payments, rebills or hidden costs - after this one payment you will receive the FXSmooth Indicator for unlimited use.


Great for Swing Trading as Well

If you prefer swing trading and concentrate mainly on the 4-hour and daily charts, the FXSmooth can still help you make huge trades!

FXSmooth works on any timeframe and creates profits in swing trading as well:


Most indicators operate on just few currency pairs - mainly the major ones: EUR\USD, USD\JPY and EUR\JPY. But trading on only these 3 indicators limits your profits significantly! Imagine having to relay only on these pairs for your profits.. if they don't move - you don't make any profit!

With the FXSmooth Indicator you won't have to rely on ANY pair - because the Smooth works on ALL of them! Our developers have optimized the settings and actions of the FXSmooth Indicator for each currency pair so it makes the maximum profit under any pair and market condition. No matter if you trade slow pairs like EUR\GBP or volatility monsters like the GBP\JPY - the Smooth will give you accurate and iron-strong signals.

This way you not only trade with powerful signals, you also have much more opportunities and your profit potential is unlimited!


Clear Trading Rules

The FXSmooth Indicator has clear and simple trading rules. No complex checks and filters - you receive simple signals: BUY or SELL. Forget about the complex indicators with many lines, colors and alerts. Forget about dozens of confirmations you need to check manually... these are things of the past.

With FXSmooth you will have 100% clear signals and will trade confidently, with no fear!


Trades Gold and Oil as Well!

The FXSmooth Indicator is not only for the FOREX market. It works and profits regularly on the Gold and Oil as well, so you can diversify your trading arsenal and take advantage of more opportunities.

With the FXSmooth Indicator you could take super profits of these volatile trend monsters and could ride the biggest trends these commodities have to offer.

Like THIS trade in the Gold, making 5,603$ in 1 trade:


Includes the FXSmooth Alert System

The FXSmooth Alert system is a system that automatically issues a sound or email alert when the FXSmooth Indicator generates a signal. This way you don't need to be at the computer constantly, and still receive all signals and take proper action.

Signals include the entry direction, stop loss. You will also receive exit signals so you can close the trades quickly and efficiently.

Standard indicators are a thing of the past:

Standard Indicator


   Lagging Signals

Leading Signals

   Loses Money

Generates Profits

   High Risk

Low Risk Trades

   No Alerts

Automatic Alerts at any signal

   Non Profitable

Profitable on Any Chart and Timeframe

   No Stop Loss

Tight Stop Loss


Specifically OPTIMIZED for maximum profit on any currency pair!


Full Technical Support


Instant Download

Once you finish the purchase you will INSTANTLY receive the FXSmooth Indicator right to your email!

No waiting of any kind - even if its the middle of the night or on Christmas Eve - your order will be handled automatically and quickly. You could be up and profiting from trading in 5 minutes or less!


60-Days Guarantee

You are fully protected by 60-days money back guarantee. So if you don't find the FXSmooth Indicator absolutely amazing and profitable, just shoot us an email and get your money back, no questions asked. We are so sure of our product, and we KNOW that it will make your profits.

But if you - for any reason - you feel FXSmooth didn't live up to its claim ... or if you just don't like how it looks, you can get every cent back, no questions asked.




Q: What do I need to start trading with the FXSmooth Indicator?
A: All you need is a computer and a internet connection. All setup and installation information is provided.

Q: On what platforms can I use the FXSmooth Indicator?
A: You can use the FXSmooth Indicator on any MetaTrader ® Platform.

Q: On what broker can I trade the FXSmooth Indicator?
A: You can trade the FXSmooth indicator in any broker that supports MetaTrader.

Q: Do I have to stare at the computer for all day?
A: Absolutely not. The FXSmooth Indicator automatically alerts you when you should enter a trade (both via sound and email), so you never miss any signals.

Q: Is the system automatic or manual?
A: The FXSmooth is a manual system (you need to execute the signals yourself), no scam robots that destroy your account.

Q: On what timeframes the FXSmooth operates?
A: You can trade the FXSmooth on any timeframe. From 5-minutes to daily charts, the signals of the FXSmooth occur anywhere at the markets. However, the higher the timeframe, the less 'noise' it has and the better your trades.

Q: Can I run on a demo account before I risk my own money?
A: Of course, you can run on a demo account for as long as you wish until you see that it is making you consistent profits. Then you can switch to a real account.

Q: Does the system use a stop loss?
A:Yes all trades use a stop loss, and a very tight one so your risk is small and very limited.

Q: Do you provide support?
A: Yes. We provide full support both with setting up and implementation of the system, money management issues, technical queries and general trading support.

Q: Are there any monthly fees for your system?
A: No there are absolutely no monthly fees, this is strictly a one off purchase.

Q: Can I pay in other currencies?
A: Yes, you can pay in any currency that exists in your credit card or PayPal account.

Q: Is my payment secured?
A: We process payments through Plimus, a trusted and secure payment processor. It is secured using 128-bit encryption and ensures that your payment details are safe.

Q: How do I receive the indicator?
A: After payment you will automatically receive an email with the link to download the indicator.

"Won +253 pips in my first trade"

"Hi Terry,

Just writing this letter to say how thankful I am for purchasing the FXSmooth.. I already won +253 pips in my very first trade - double the investment in buying it.


– Al Dorner,

"I now make $1,000 per day!"

"Dear Terry,

Thank you very much for this wonderful indicator!

I am now making over $1,000 per day with the FXSmooth on the oil and gold.

absolutely amazing.

– W. J. Auton,

"I Have Generated Over 90 pips Today"

"i must confess this stuff is good...i have generated over 90 pips today alone within a short time frame...i really want to master it and us it to fine tune my other strategies."

– Edeh George

"Threw all my old indicators to the trash"

"No more MACD, RSI, Stochastics.. threw them to the trash. I'm trading ONLY the signals from FXSmooth and never look back!"

– Seth Cooks,

Why you must have the FXSmooth indicator:

Generates world class trading signals!

Optimized to create maximum profits on each currency pair!

Automatically calculate stop loss

Use tight stop loss so your at minimal risk

Automatic and precise exit signals!

Hard cold profit PROOF!

Profits on ANY currency and ANY time frame!


SPECIAL BONUS: Forex Risk Minimizer

If you purchase in the next 2 hours, we will give you a bonus book : Forex Risk Minimizer, by John J. Drummond. John J. Drummond is a expert trader that have wrote several books about FOREX, trading psychology and discipline.

This book will teach you:

How to minimize your risk and drawdowns in FOREX

How much should you risk in any trade

How to control your trading performance

And much much more!

And you will receive it FREE OF CHARGE!


Once you finish the purchase you will INSTANTLY receive the FXSmooth Indicator right to your email!


This amazing indicator is available for only $27 - a price you can gain back in your first trade. We reserve the right to take this off the market at any time, so don't wait for it to happen.. secure your copy now!


All the best,



P.S. Most of our customers have paid off this minor investment in their first trade! Don't wait - order it now!

P.S.S. This indicator is absolutely one-of-a-kind and you will not find it in any other site - guaranteed!

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